Recruitment of marine personnel for deployment on various types of vessels


Our company, «Tiara Crewing Agency», was established in 1993. It is licensed by the Ministry of Social Policy (formerly the Ministry of Labour) of Ukraine and certified by BV MLC 2006. Our main office is located in Kherson, Ukraine.

Our well-qualified specialists are continuously monitoring the quality of the services we provide in order to meet our client’s requirements and to exceed their expectations. Due to the nature of business, we decided to provide 24 hours service in order to avoid any delay with urgent issues.

Our managing director and crew managers have marine education and extensive sea experience on various types of vessels. This advantage allows us to select suitable candidates according to high standards of marine practice.

We offer a comprehensive range of crew-manning services tailored to our clients’ requirements. Since the establishment of the company, our database has expanded to include 20,000 officers and ratings for merchant and offshore fleets. In response to today’s global challenges, we have reviewed our personnel recruitment policy and upgraded our web services. Our database is now accessible online with remote access for our clients.

Our mission

We are committed to providing our services in a cost-effective and sustainable way, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

Our vision

We envision our company as a trusted intermediary between our clients and seafarers, fostering long-term partnerships and cooperation.


Our extensive database comprises over 20,000 officers and ratings skilled in various types of vessels, such as container vessels, bulk carriers, dry cargo carriers, tankers, heavy lift carriers, and passenger ships. Additionally, we diligently conduct personal interviews and thoroughly assess the capabilities and professional skills of each candidate before recommending them to ship managers. This stringent process aims to minimize the risk of any future issues or dissatisfaction with our seafarers by our business partners. Our company is dedicated to providing ship owners, ship managers, and operators with highly qualified and experienced seafarers.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including: